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Learn more about the Intellectual Outputs of our project.
Intellectual Outputs sounds exotic?
In the Erasmus+ language, the IOs are simply what we produce and deliver!

Intellectual Output 1

Support materials that are complementary and will help with the usage of the EPCL (European Pictographic Language of Communication) and the EPCL Translator. These materials will be taught in the spirit of the universal design for all of the students to be able to use them - during the class and on a daily basis.

Practically - it means our TEC++US App. 


With its simple layout that is easy to understand and use, intuitive pictograms and clear voice recordings, it allows all of the students that need this kind of language support (ex. disabled students, immigrants) to communicate easily and efficiently.


Intellectual Output 2

In this part, we design a training plan for language teachers and educators to make sure that the TEC++US 2.0 materials, such as EPCL and EPCL Translator are being used correctly and all its features are known.

This is the part in which we teach the teachers!


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The TEC++US Project has been created in the framework of ERASMUS+ Project. Its 1st edition, TEC++US, took place between 2018-2020 and the second one, previewed to last between 2021-2023, is currently being developed.

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