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Say it.
No words needed!

The ERASMUS+ project that leaves you with no words.

Amigos com smartphones

Our mission:
a pictographic polyglot
in your pocket!

To facilitate speaking with no words - this is our mission.

In the times of endless migrations, the life in a life-sized

Tower of Babel, communicating can get a little bit confusing.


And when the person willing to communicate has difficulties in learning or simply is so young that barely speaks even his or her native language, this is where

TEC++US 2.0 becomes a real superhero!

The TEC++US 2.0 Project is developed as a part of the ERASMUS+ program and co-funded with the EU funds.

It is the continuity of TEC++US Project

that took place in 2018-2020.


Who are we?

We are an international team of researchers, teachers, developers and designers that got united through the TEC++US Project of ERASMUS+. Our Partners are from Bulgaria, Greece, Italy, Poland, Portugal, Romania, Slovenia and Spain - this is what helps us

to think globally!


Creating a universal designed tool meets the needs not only of the students with learning disabilities but also for those that are dislocated from their home country or that belong to minorities.

Our goals


To improve teachers and educators skills with educational support materials that will be created to create an easy approach to the universal designed classroom,with tutorials, worksheets, online material and others

To improve even more the acceptance of digital inclusion in classroom (physical or online) with the ECPL and EPCL Translator

To make the difference for children and young people in language learning and inclusion in classroom

Who is
TEC++US 2.0 for?

Hoover over a picture to see!


The youngest children
that travel abroad

Image by Annie Spratt

Children that have
migrated with their parents
to another country


People at every age
with disabilities or
reading and writing issues

Image by ThisisEngineering RAEng

Teachers and educators,
for easy and inclusive approach in the classroom

See it for yourself!

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© Copyright TEC++US 2022 - All Rights Reserved

The TEC++US Project has been created in the framework of ERASMUS+ Project. Its 1st edition, TEC++US, took place between 2018-2020 and the second one, previewed to last between 2021-2023, is currently being developed.

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