Good bye

See you

Good morning

Good afternoon

Good night


What is your name?

My name is…

Thank you

You´re welcome

Do you need help?



Where is the bus station?

Where is the police?

Where is the hospital?

Where is the school?

Where is the library?

Where is the airport?

Where is the train station

Where is the bank?

Where is the toilet?

Where is the restaurant?

Where is the teacher?

Go forward

Go back

Turn left

Turn right

At what time is the movie?

At what time is the bus?

At what time is the flight?

At what time is the train

At what time is the activity?

At what time do we eat?

One hour…

Two hours…

Three hours…

Four hours…

Five hours…

Six hours

Seven hours…

Eight hours…

Nine hours…

Ten hours…

Eleven hours…

Twelve hours…

Thirteen hours…

Fourteen hours…

Fifteen hours…

Sixteen hours…

Seventeen hours…

Eighteen hours…

Nineteen hours…

Twenty hours…

Twenty-one hours…

Twenty-two hours…

Twenty-three hours…

Twenty-four hours…

Ten minutes

Twenty minutes

Thirty minutes

Forty minutes

Fifty minutes

Could you repeat?

I don´t understand

How much does it cost?

I would like to buy it

No, thank you

Can you call the police

Can you call the ambulance?

Can you call the hotel?

Can you call the teacher?

Can you call my parents?

Can you help me?











I am happy

I am sad

I am sleepy


I am hungry

I am tired

Do you have water?

Do you have food?

Do you have a telefone?

Do you have Money?

I feel ill

Frases and words to start communicating

Rules for audio files production, recording and saving

Every team will record the phrases/words/expressions in the lists agreed and will edit them in a program of their choosing (recommended the reaper: https://www.reaper.fm/ ).


The edited sentences must be recorded in MP3 format, following the order of the list delivered, using the following codes:


Bulgarian: 000_bg.mp3; (list on page 4)

English: 000_en.mp3;  (list on page 2)

Greek: 000_gr.mp3; (list on page 6)

Italian: 000_it.mp3; (list on page 8)

Polish: 000_pl.mp3; (list on page 11)

Portugese:000_pt.mp3; (list on page 13)

Slovenian:000_sl.mp3; (list on page 15)

Spanish: 000_es.mp3; (list on page 18).


It’s extremely important to keep copies of your original field recordings that are not modified. Keep two copies of your original and edited sound files - one on your computer and a second on the google drive folder from the TEC++US ERASMUS+ project in “2nd Short term joint staff training event – Sofia BG” – “Audio files”. In that folder there will be a different folder for each language divided into two other folders:


Folder Final MP3 files –every team will upload the edited audio files in MP3 format (using the corresponding code given in the tables);

Folder Original files -  every team will upload the audio files recorded without any edition.

App Organigram

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