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A little sneak peak from our international meetings -
see how we work!

TPM 1 - Faro, Portugal

May 2022

First face-to-face meeting

What a meeting!

The first face-to-face Transnational Project Meeting of partners took place

in ETIC_Algarve, Faro. During this time, we managed to:

  • establish the bilateral cooperation agreements,

  • identify and address issues and risks,

  • provide relevant information on communication and visibility criteria;

  • present the instructions for using the eTwinning platform within the scope of the project,

  • discuss the sustainability Plan and Budget Control,

  • set the objectives to be fulfilled until the next meeting,

  • schedule dates for training meetings and online meetings,

  • had team building activities!


We also have strengthen the consciousness of our goals and got familiar with the project's visual identity.

Our technological partner has explained the mysterious coding-designing-decoding part.

With the plan for the next meeting, we have all came back home safe and full of motivation for the further work!

LTTA 1 - León, Spain

May 2022

Learning, teaching and training activity

LTTA 1 engaged us in the field of language learning and inclusion -

now we are even more conscious of how to prepare the best solutions!

 This activities were needed in order to create in the partnership the know-how of what the needs are in classrooms to work in universal design spirit and what work has already been developed by teachers with their students. It also brought us the general know-how in terms of inclusion and techniques that are already used in education, so that the proposed materials and activities wouldn't collide with the expectations

of teachers and students in the field.

Cherry on top - a know-how in 3D modeling and printing techniques, both practical and theoretical. Now we feel even more familiar with the 3D and AR technologies that we plan to use in our outputs!

TPM 2 - Mestre, Italy

September 2022

Review, evaluation and planning

This time, we have presented the results on upcoming version of TEC++US 2.0 app that, apart from the new layout, will gain a new Augmented Reality feature.


We have also reviewed the brand new website layout to provide informations about the project in easy, inclusive and accessible way. review
We have discussed the logistic aspects of the project and evaluated globally the ongoing work. 

Traditionally, we had a moment to have a look on our paths for the future and set up

the goals for the next meeting. 

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The TEC++US Project has been created in the framework of ERASMUS+ Project. Its 1st edition, TEC++US, took place between 2018-2020 and the second one, previewed to last between 2021-2023, is currently being developed.

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